First Post!

This blog has been a long time coming. Three years ago I had the idea to start a communal writing space for me and a few friends. I noticed there was a lack of nuanced depictions of young spirituality– that is, of young people doing faith, going through dry spells, observing the world around them– online. It would be a way for us to keep in touch, and a way to carve out online space for honesty about our experience as Christians. Including the fact that not we’re not just singing Jesus’ praises all the time. Half the time I don’t even know whether I’d like Jesus if I met him.

Anyway. That didn’t happen, because life did instead. But the idea of keeping a writing blog has nagged at me ever since. I keep a prayer and processing journal, so that’s not what this is for. I’d like to use it to keep me accountable for being aware of the things I see around me. So much of the time I’m either stuck in my head, overanalyzing my relationships and actions, or I’m just moving through the world, letting images and conversations and people float past me. It’s time for a little more awareness! But that kind of presence takes a kind of strength and vulnerability I haven’t been able to muster for a while. Hence the name: moxie.

So welcome, friends. I hope you find some way to connect here.


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