a mean girl at a party.

Last night I went to a holiday party with the bf at his coworker’s place. She is super sweet, sarcastic, and very good at supplying alcohol. There were maybe 30 people there, both her guests and her roommates’. One of her roommate’s guests was a tall, stylish blonde woman. Her hair was shiny and short and slick, and she was wearing over-the-knee black boots and a mirror-embellished, floaty black skirt. Basically as soon as she walked into the room I felt embarrassed of my button-down and sneakers.

I didn’t talk to her, but as the night progressed more and more people showed up, including a woman named Mandy. Mandy was wearing a t-shirt too, but hers had a skeleton on it. She had a nervous tic of shrugging her shoulders. One of the first two things she told me was that she hated all people and that her cat was the greatest being on the planet.

At one point, Mandy, myself, the bf, Coworker, and Stylish Blonde were in the kitchen. Mandy was doing an imitation of her very Jewish, very smoker, very Staten-Island mother. Coworker turned to Mandy and teasingly told her to keep it down. Now, I should mention that Coworker and Mandy were college roommates. They’re good friends. Mandy is going to Coworker’s parents’ house for Christmas.

When Coworker turned the other way, Stylish Blonde took it upon herself to tell Mandy that Coworker was being bitchy. She made a face. “You keep it up, Mandy. Go Mandy! She’s being mean!” she declared. Stylish Blonde wrapped an elegant arm around Mandy’s shoulder and gave Coworker the finger.

As I watched that interaction, I couldn’t help but feel bad for Mandy, who was smiling a little sadly and attempting to exonerate Coworker over Blonde’s airy protests.The social power imbalance between the two of them was obvious, and it reminded me of a scene from Mean Girls. Regina Girl compliments a girl passing her in the hallway on her skirt, and then turns to her real friends and says, “That is the fugliest skirt I have ever seen.” It pissed me off because I figured A.Stylish Blonde would never be friends with Mandy and B. Stylish Blonde should not be shitting on anyone hosting her at their house.

So anyways, now I feel justified in my unjustifiable suspicion of all people prettier and more stylish than me.


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