Observations, Self

Some things I noticed this weekend.

  1. There is very, very, VERY little need to put mayonnaise in anything but a sandwich. At the very least, it NEVER needs to be your main ingredient in any dish, especially not a cheese sauce to be slathered over chicken, or a salad of oranges and Jello. Trust me. I speak from experience. On a related note, I just visited my grandparents.
  2. Passing trucks in the fog on rainy highways is terrifying.
  3. My cousin is officially THE all-American boy. 20 years old, likes fishing and football, friendly and polite, wears button-downs to family gatherings.
  4. My grandma is twenty years younger than my grandpa and seems lonely and bored a lot of the time. She cried when it was time for my siblings and I to leave.
  5. Every time any college student goes home for her/his break to visit her/his parents, familial conflict must ensue either over the dishes, coats on the floor, or use of the bathroom. If anyone is a college student reading this and thinking, “That’s not true–,” check to make sure you’ve actually been visiting your own parents.
  6. Most cities in upstate New York look similar– a collection of boutique shops to cater to college students in the area surrounded by gas stations, abandoned factories, tan office buildings, a mediocre events arena, and snow-covered cars.
  7. Even if one sometimes would like to tape over one’s family’s mouth, it’s still sad to sit on a train alone back to the big city without them.

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