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impatience (part 2)

The point, though, is that I’ve been taking a little writing journey lately to see what I actually like about writing, whether I want to try to do it for money at some point, how much time I want to devote to develop this skill, etc., and I really really suck at writing/ sticking to a writing schedule and I’m really really impatient with that.

But as has seemed to be the case lately, Page After Page recently presented some spot-on advice for that. Which is to say, it advised me that it takes about three years to develop a strong writing habit.


The other thing about me is that I like linear progressions and charting improvement as a sweet, sweet, upward line over time. But if it’s going to take three years to develop a writing habit, then that means there is going to be a lot of downward curves and flatlining. There will probably be a few weeks where I don’t write at all, and maybe months of writing absolute garbage. And I have to be ok with that.

The very impatient child in me wants to stomp her feet and whine when she hears that she can’t be good at something right away. But the understanding that slow progress is long-lasting progress is also a bit hopeful. Because it means that I don’t have to stress when I fall short of my story-writing goals, or when I get distracted after writing only half a page. Even though I know it’s important to keep with a practice, to make the minutes I give to it meaningful, I can fall back on the truth that I’ve got all the time in the world.


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