tooth care

This is a strange post. But I’m swamped with the bf’s birthday plans, writing my thesis, the blizzard, nannying for 2 (TWO) toddlers, and the start of classes this week, so it’s the best I can do.

I have never, admittedly, been all that fastidious about tooth care. My friend Bryan flosses every day and occasionally shames me about it. The bf occasionally complains about my breath. But I’ve never had a cavity, and I don’t think my mouth is all that bad. Except for when I run my tongue over my teeth and they feel weirdly fuzzy.

Is this tmi? Sorry, folks.

Anyway, all this has been true until a few days ago when I read this article. Now my teeth feel amazing. And I’m also paranoid about getting cavities and my teeth rotting in my sleep.

Here it is, if you dare.


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