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small miracles.

There’s a little bit of a trend, both in Christian circles and self-help communities, of seeing everyday events as miracles. The flowers grew in the springtime? What a miracle! You married a person you love? It’s a miracle! You’ve got food on the table, or avoided stepping in dog crap, or saw the sun set? Thank God/ the universe for these miracles, which make your life so much more miraculous!

I don’t buy it, guys. These things are wonderful, but why do we need to make it sound as if the odds are against us and somehow God intervened to make this simple shit happen? The world is a good place (a thing I must believe is true despite the enormous amounts of suffering some people experience and their potential belief that it is not). God made it that way. We can thank Him/Her/It for doing so. But it’s actually tricky to believe that God is constantly reaching down from heaven to intervene. Because if God can reach down to make a flower grow, why isn’t he reaching down to smite ISIS?

I read once in a Philip Yancey book (in 7th grade, no less) that God’s action is probably more like a deep, full spring that provides nourishment to the land above. I like that.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about is that I have experienced SEVERAL SMALL ACTUAL MIRACLES in the past month. Well, quite possibly they aren’t real miracles, but definitely bizarre coincidences.

1. When picking out a passage to read at a small worship gathering, I felt really strongly that I should read Isaiah 50, which had nothing to do with the other elements of the service. When I finished reading aloud, another participant stared at me and said he had felt led earlier that day to suggest a song also based on Isaiah 50. “Duuuuuuude,” we whispered solemnly.

2. I was having a terrible day but was about to get on my bike to ride to an Epiphany party when I noticed that my brake handles wouldn’t squeeze. The bike had been my first big adult purchase and it had already been through several repairs so, like a real adult, I was OUT OF MY MIND FURIOUS OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK????? I was so mad I kicked the front wheel, which caused it to stop being able to rotate. I threw the bike to the ground, went to the party, and cried myself to sleep that night. In the morning, THE BIKE WAS FINE. The wheel worked, the brakes worked, I even rode the bike TO work. A miracle.

3. I dreamed that my roommate, who has recently broken up with her boyfriend, was at a party when her ex showed up and gave her a letter. I told her this and she thought it was weird, especially because she had written him a letter a little while ago and never heard back. Two days later, she got an empty envelope from him in the mail. The seal had been broken; the letter inside was floating around somewhere in the abyss that is the USPS. (She texted him; he sent her screenshots he’d taken because “it is the most important letter he’s ever written.”) Point is, he wrote her a letter and I dreamed it beforehand so I’m officially a psychic.

Explain these things to me, blogging world. Have I experienced miracles, or what else would you call them?


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