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MOAR apologies and updates, and a Lenten reflection.

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long AGAIN to post, but I found a place to live and I’m mooooovinnnnng!

I decided that it wasn’t a good idea to move in with the bf. I couldn’t get myself to feel totally on board with the idea. He decided so too. After we talked about it, I browsed Craigslist for about 30 minutes, sent an email about a posting, saw it the next day, and made it official the day after that! So much for the horrors of finding real estate in NY.

The place is tiny. Or rather, just my new room is. I’m used to having the space to do yoga in my bedroom, but now I’m having to consider getting a lofted bed in order to fit both a desk and dresser in there as well. (Relatedly: if you randomly happen to know of a source for full-size, lofted beds with a modern aesthetic, let me know.) It also needs a paint job, as the current color reminds me of a sickly mushroom.

But the location couldn’t be better. Off the same train line as my work, has an elevator and laundry in the building, one stop away from the bf, right across the street from Target, Uniqlo, and Coldstone, and even a 10 minute walk to my favorite bookstore in Brooklyn!

Despite the relative ease of this process, stressing about my housing has taken up a lot of my time.

(As has my recently diagnosed sleep disorder. Hooray!! My body has convinced itself it needs to be asleep for 10-15 hours a day!! Which makes getting things done really hard!! Sometimes I’ll think I’m doing a really good job pretending to be alert and chipper, when one of the kids I nanny will look up at me and randomly say, “Meesa sleepy?” To which I can only reply, “Meesa is always sleepy. Now back to pretending to feed me those wooden eggs.” Since that’s their new favorite game: carrying me a pretend egg and singing “Happy Birthday dear Meesa…” We have pretend cakes. I don’t know why it’s always an egg.)


As you might know, Lent is upon us, and I’ve decided to give up artificial sugar. Or rather, sugary treats. I know some foods, like, I don’t know, teriyaki sauce? peanut butter? bread? have sugar in them, but I’m not worrying about those. Yesterday I ate three Haagen Daaz ice cream bars in a row. I’m worried about those.

I’ve always turned to foods, and particularly sweets, in times of distress, exhaustion, or emptiness. And even though the emotional compulsive component of that is gone, it’s become ever harder to say no to sugar when I’m so damn sleepy all the time (see above.)

Here’s to Lent being a season of trusting God to see me through– and keep me awake.




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