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a blast from the past.

Speaking of the tenuous copywriting gig, which I got through a friend, I was recently going back through all the writing I’ve put on the internet for my creative portfolio and stumbled across a blog I ran back in college.

Screenshot (17)

Unlike pretty much anything else I wrote during the time I consider my childhood, most of the writing on here isn’t half bad! Most of the posts are pictures of manicured houses or elaborate recipes, and my taste, although now more urbane, I’d like to think, has stayed the same. I read it and was like, “Yeah, 20 year old me! You were pretty cute!”

Screenshot (18) Screenshot (19) Screenshot (20)

Right? I think this blog needs some similar frivolity. If you feel like checking it out, you can do so here. Although I won’t be updating it, I hope I can bring a little of its “Eyyy I’m in college and no one reads this anyway so I’m going to post whatever beautiful stuff makes me happy!” sort of vibe to here.


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