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Hello, friends! I’m off work today and am going to see an OPERA tonight! Antigone, at BAM in enn why see.

That’s right. I’m hashtag cultured as hell. Hashtag it was a gift. Hashtag I’m actually broke. Oh yeah– and hashtag I got twitter! (@melissasakow).

I’m taking the day to update all my social media jazz for the job application process– and believe me, it’ll take a while, since it’s been several years since I updated ANYTHING– but if you have more free time than I do, check out these odd but appealing links to set yourself up for a glorious fall weekend.

  1. Find secret, niche, sometimes spooky and always obscure sites to visit or events to attend in your city with Atlas Obscura (I want to see the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters.)
  2. Get your stretch on with Adriene Mishler at YogawithAdriene! As an extra ab-tastic bonus you can hold in your laughter at her dad jokes.
  3. Practice punchy story-telling by telling six-word stories over at sixwordmemoirs— (absolutely shameless self-promotion: find me there, lisbis90.)
  4. Gape at this elaborate family apartment in Brooklyn (and wish you could afford that rug).

5. Read/ listen to Amanda Palmer on fostering creativity by collecting ideas and sharing art online.

6. Do you have a morning routine?

7. On being uncertain about your purpose.  

image via Design*Sponge.


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