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listen to this!

Are you looking for your next song to belt in the shower? Are you frightened/ confused by the Selena Gomez track “Look Good for You?” Do you like music that’s obscure but not like, experimentally obscure?

Look no further, friends: I’ve got you covered. Here are five albums that rock, organized by kind of person who would appreciate them.

1.Lucius, EP, 2013: For the one who likes to sing loud and hard, with a higher range, who has maybe gotten bored with showtunes. And is not averse to woodblock.

2. Ben Howard, I Forget Where We Were, 2014: For the sadsack who likes twangy guitar but not country; or, for the folkster who wants to indulge in some melancholy.

Zrzut ekranu 2014-10-13 o 01.01.31

3. Bat for Lashes, The Haunted Man, 2012: For fairie sprites who alternate between frolicking through meadows and cavorting with the devil; or, for pop fans looking for smart, dark-tinged music they can do work to.

4. Lana del Rey, Honeymoon, 2015: For lovers looking to roleplay seventies-style excess where the man is a cad and the woman is a hopeless, sexually needy romantic. Gorgeous vocals in the first track; if anyone figures out what she means when she’s singing “you’re so art deco” on the track “Art Deco,” please let me know ASAP.

Honeymoon by Lana Del Rey. Vinyl Double LP, CD.

5. HAIM, Days are Gone, 2013: For the girl who likes solid pop-rock’n’roll with lots of girl-power ‘tude and synth. They blend lots of genres: some 90’s Amy Grant vocals, Wilson Phillips harmonies, and 80’s digital beats.Also, for anyone who instantly wants to up their hipster score.

That’s it from this end! What do you guys think? What’s on your playlist this weekend?


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