Observations, Self

the best gelato you can take home and eat from the container…

…is far and away Talenti.


Preferably in sea salt caramel, but available in so many more, like German Choclate Cake, Sicilian Pistachio, and Banana Chocolate Swirl.

Recently, Talenti’s marketing campaign allowed you to create your own flavor! Or rather, have one created just for you, based on your personality as represented by your social media.

I decided to make one tonight, so I went to flavorize.me and linked up my Facebook and Twitter. A bunch of words from my posts floated behind the swirling ice-cream maker; I had to laugh when “crap” reappeared several times. Finally my flavor was finished:

“English Trifle Apple Pine Nut.”


Apparently my social media portrays me as stodgy and indecisive, but seasonal!

Still, don’t let that dissaude you. Seriously, if you ever have the ice cream munchies, I just became your new best friend.


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