Nanny, Observations

the kids in action.

As you may know, during some of my waking hours, I am a nanny to a pair of three-year-olds. Most of the time it’s grand. M and T are gorgeous, active, funny girls who love taking their dolls to the doctor AND pretending to be monsters. (M’s mom remarked drily to me this morning, “Violet [M’s baby doll] is a bit of a wan child,” as Mathilde administered a shot to Violet’s head for the umpteenth time.) Occasionally, aka when they’re having a tantrum, it’s incredibly frustrating, although I have to say that when I see other kids in the neighborhood and their behavior, I feel extremely lucky. M and T desperately want to be Big Girls, and I can use that to guide their behavior pretty reliably.

Here are some of the ridiculous/adorable things M has said in the past few months, if you’d like to see…

While reading a book in which some of the farm animals were not helping their friend

M: Why are they just standing there?

Me: Well, they’re being a bit lazy.

M: [shaking her head] Lazy hipsters.


M: What were you saying?

Me: I was telling my friend that I don’t know if I want to go to a party tonight. I might be tired.

M: Meesa, if you’re not into it, don’t go.


M: You look like a dump truck!


Me: If you could ask Chucha [our cat] any question, and have her answer you, what would you ask?

M: I would say, “Chucha, why are you sitting on that chair?”

Me: And what do you think she would say?

M: “Just because I want to.”


Oh, M. Never let life change the lil’ sassafrass you are.


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