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blue skies and red rock.

Here are a few pictures of my recent trip to Israel, if you’d like to see…

I have tons more, but I am, frankly, not a very good photographer, and don’t have enough hours in the day to make the rest appreciable 🙂

From left to right:

  1. The Chapel of the Ascension, where Christians believe Jesus was miracled to heaven after the Resurrection
  2. A view from the base of En Gedi, a gorgeous hiking site near the Dead Sea, peppered with natural springs and waterfalls
  3. The best hummus lunch eaten by the ocean.
  4. The Dead Sea. I waded in, and it was COLD! And oily. If you don’t rinse off afterwards, your clothes will be smelly and perma-damp. It also hurt. I didn’t realize how many scratches I had all over my skin until I doused them in salt!
  5. Detail on the Dome of the Rock
  6. View from the top of Masada fortress, a former Herodian vacay spot that was later taken over by Jewish rebels and converted into an armed city. It offers massive views of the surrounding terrain and is difficult to enter. Still, the Romans managed to use a nearby natural structure to create a pathway inside, and legend has it that the leader of the rebels ordered everyone in the city to commit suicide to prevent being re-enslaved. Yikes.
  7. Peeking through at the Dead Sea from En Gedi.

3 thoughts on “blue skies and red rock.

  1. “Not a very good photographer?” I beg to differ. Those are gorgeous photographs. You have a good eye for interesting angles. I know this because I definitely do not, ha! The Chapel of Ascension is stunning.


    • Haha! Photo editors are a girl’s best friend 🙂 That chapel was one of my favorite places I visited– and cool fact: the Chapel was originally open at the top, to enhance its connection to the sky; the roof was actually built by Muslims years later to make it look more like a mosque!

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