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two neat programs to make you feel more centered.

Yesterday I thought a lot about how much I’ve been avoiding sitting with my thoughts (and praying/ turning them over to God). So before bed, I made myself meditate.

There are a lot of types of meditation and a million websites that offer guidance on how to do it easily, but I decided I wanted to try a phone app that would guide me through an audio. So I downloaded “Stop Breathe Think.” There’s been a lot of buzz about Headspace lately, but I have to say I loved this one– and it’s free!

I chose to do a meditation called Body Scan, which directs your attention to all the parts of your body and guides you to re-integrate them as your mind, promoting a sense of wholeness. The audio voice is neutral and calm, not cloying, and after completing it, I felt significantly calmer and more prepared for bed. There’s also an option to do a “self-scan” that dims the light on your phone for a few moments while you take stock of how your mind and body feel. You rate how you feel and record (up to) five emotions; the app then selects a short guided audio meditation that addresses your current situation. My favorite part, though, is that for every meditation you complete, you get a sticker! I’ve never been one for silly online rewards (and I don’t even know what happens once you get a certain amount of stickers on this thing) but it was a nice, small surprise. The app records all of your stickers as well as how many days you’ve meditated and how you rated your feelings.

Another program I wanted to let you know about is Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Camp. For the month of January, Yoga with Adriene  is uploading a free 30-60 minute video as part of a series meant to refocus yoga on the connection between mind, body, and soul, rather than on weight loss or strength-building. Each video has a different mantra: “I Accept,” “I Embrace,” and “I Create” are just a few. I love Adriene because her videos are for all levels– truly, I promise–and she honors the fact that everyone’s body and experience of yoga is different, constantly viewers that they should “Find What Feels Good.” I highly recommend checking her out!


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