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children’s book illustrations.

At the house of one of the kiddos I nanny, the upstairs neighbors were getting rid of a bunch of books. One of said books, which I rescued is an old-school compendium of “the best” children’s illustrators. I haven’t read any of the text (who does, for a coffee table book?) but the artwork is gorgeous.

I freely confess to judging children’s books by their covers/ illustrations, and this is just further proof that that’s a great idea.


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odds and ends (and a plea for advice?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

GOOD MORNING darlings and dearests! I am trying to get my finances in order but can’t seem to find a way to keep track of my spending and budgeting that’s convenient, comprehensive, and can easily accommodate cash flows. Mint is popular, I know, but it constantly miscategorizes things and entering my cash expenditures has felt like a hassle. Are there any other options out there that you guys like?

As always (lolz because I’ve been inconsistent– I’m working on it!) here are some links to get your weekend started right.

A thought-provoking (and simultaneously kind of “duh”) article about the way we should be disciplining kids in school. 

Why, WHYYYYY is SNL still going to have Donald Trump host??

Can worrying be good for you? 

A spare, natural, exquisite apartment.

The skincare routines of beauty editors (or, I should have known I could never afford to become a beauty editor.) (Or, WHAT THE HOLY HELL, $200 FOR FACE CREAM THAT STILL REQUIRES A WHOLE OTHER FACE CREAM?!?!?!?)

An incredible blog about creating content, branding, and marketing. 

A very biased, but very absorbing, but very cerebral look at American nationalism by Anatol Lievin.

That’s all folks! Have a creative and gorgeous weekend.

xoxo, mel.

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odds and ends (and i got a job!)

Happy Friday! Are you up to anything fun this weekend? My week took a crazy turn because I started a new job– that makes four! I’m doing communications for a breast + ovarian cancer charity called SHARE. So my weekend will be filled with all the errands and social life I don’t have time for during the week. (ha… social life…)

Anyway, here are five links that will help your weekend get started right.

Gorgeous, eclectic mid-century modern design. 

The most meaningful and intimate (and delicious!) church service I’ve been to.

An obscure German philosopher on the necessity of leisure.

Should we quit forcing children to share?

This movie looks hilarious. JEMAINE 4EVERRRRR.


This is Ridiculous, This is Amazing

I’m not a parent, but everyone who interacts with children needs a list of these…

Games You Can Play While Lying Down

by Jason Good, in the excellent book This is Ridiculous, This is Amazing

  1. Put All the Sunglasses and Hats on Daddy
  2. Take off Daddy’s Socks
  3. Put Mommy’s Socks on Daddy
  4. Try to Lift Daddy
  5. Put the Cats on Daddy
  6. Wind Monster (Just blow on them. If you really commit, you might pass out and that’s the same as sleeping.)
  7. Human Body Tower
  8. Pull Daddy Around on a Sleeping Bag
  9. Breath-Holding Competition
  10. Daddy’s a Giant Conga Drum (Think of it as accupressure therapy.)
  11. Daddy’s a Guitar (Make sure kids’ fingernails are clipped. Also, no picks.)
  12. Put Daddy in “Sofa Jail”
  13. Pretend We’re Sleeping Cats!
  14. Decorate Daddy’s Jeans with Sidewalk Challk
  15. Put Makeup on Daddy
  16. Turn Daddy into a Burrito (a.k.a. “The Mummy”; requires a beige flat sheet and patience)
  17. Pretend to Eat Daddy (no utensils)
  18. Vacuum Daddy
  19. Embalm Daddy

If you’re not familiar with this book, I recommend you become so immediately. I bought it for one of the families I nanny for when they had their second child, and I was told they had to put it down because the mom’s belly laughter was making her stitches hurt.

photo via Chronicle Books

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odds and ends.

Hello, lovely followers and lurkers! Here are 6 things that inspired me this week.

painting by Joan Miró: ‘Horse, Pipe and Red Flower,’ 1920; via brainpickings