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hello, st. louis!

I’ve got 20 minutes to create this post with the airport’s free wifi, but I wanted to give a shout out to mahself because it’s my birthday on Friday! The big 2-5. I’m currently sitting in SLA waiting for my (late) brother to pick me up; we’ll spend the day here in the city, then drive back to Columbia where he lives with his girlfriend (whom I’ve never met until now!) They met in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso and then upon their return to the US they moved almost immediately to the Midwest. I plan to treat this excursion like a real vacation: hopefully I’ll get to do a little writing, go hiking, yoga myself to sleep, and enjoy time away from screens.

Tritely, I can’t say this year has turned out like I expected. But in many ways that’s a good thing. I broke up with the bf, and while that has been a much more twisty, complicated process than I wanted it to be, it was absolutely the right choice, and didn’t leave me feeling as confused and hopeless as I thought it would. I haveĀ begun attending a new church that draws on good scholarship, art, and embodied experience, that serves its community, and glorifies God with as much humility as I could hope a church could. I started this blog (!) to keep me accountable for noticing the world around me, and it’s done that. I have kept my New Year’s resolution of exercising 30 minutes/ day (!!!). And I have finally started shelling out for grown-up foundation that doesn’t make my face break out and actually draws people to compliment my skin (which still, lol, is rare, but has never happened before a month ago.)

My prayers for next year are big-picture: for wisdom on where to live after I quit New York (which won’t be toooo soon, but is certainly on the horizon); for more friends in the city with whom I can talk issues of justice and race and gender; and for career guidance on what sort of job roles I should be searching for. But mostly, they’re for the harmony of strength and peace and joy that (sometimes–dry spells are a real thang) accompany the pursuit of truth and justice in God.

Much love,


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apologies + updates!

It feels like ages since I’ve posted because a LOT has gone down in my life since last week.

1. My computer broke. That was the big reason for not posting. But here I am, typing away on a brand new one! So thank God for that.

2. My housing situation is falling apart. That needs to be a post all on its own, but for now I’ll say this. I belong to an intentional Christian community where the leadership positionsĀ are being abused but the other members are wonderful. The leaders are also my landlords, and they have made my and my roommate’s living situations stressful and toxic to the point where we have all decided to move out in the coming months. However, news came just recently that they may decide to kick us out/ raise rent impossibly high in order to make more money off of our admittedly lovely home. So now I’m faced with several choices: get a place with the bf? stay with the bf in the short term while I seek a new place for myself? try to get a new place with some of my current roommates?

3. I had my first, final class of the semester last Thursday! It’s a creative writing class focusing on the distinction between truth and fiction in factual/ nonfiction writing. Of course, I’m the first one on the list to be workshopped, so I had to dash something out superfast over the weekend to send in for comments by today.