confetti drawer.

I’ve never had an office job before, but I’ve always wanted to have a desk, or even cubicle, to call my own. So, when I finally got hired full-time at a REAL OFFICE WHERE I’LL HAVE MY OWN DESK, and shortly thereafter came across this inspiring interview with Swiss Miss Studio creator Tina Roth Eisenberg last week, I went into full-blown planning mode! Artwork, tchotchkes, snacks, beautiful office supplies… and a drawer full of confetti?

Tina (she and I are totes on a first name basis) says in the interview with PFSK:

“One thing that I believe in is playfulness at work, or in life. We have a drawer in the office that is just completely full of confetti. It’s the perfect analogy for what I’m talking about. I feel like it is such an important part of a work environment, that you love going in everyday.”

I don’t know that my new job is going to be something I love going in to every day. I’m m mostly excited about having more stability in my work hours, a real salary, and 30 days PTO (!!!). But I do believe I’ll enjoy the work, and even more if I can approach it with a sense of experimentation and play.

To that end, if I could have my own play-inspiring confetti drawer (which would unfortunately not be full of actual confetti due to the fact that confetti would be a pain in the ass to clean up whenever I inevitably felt compelled to toss a handful), here’s what would be in it:

  • Sharpies in every color to make quick drawings when bored.
  • Butt-loads of glass and seed beads for digging my fingers into.
  • Bubble wrap for popping in frustration.
  • A small collection of essential oils for sniffing whenever I wanted to be transported somewhere else.

I’m curious- if you had a space to dedicate just to playfulness, what would be in it?