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children’s book illustrations.

At the house of one of the kiddos I nanny, the upstairs neighbors were getting rid of a bunch of books. One of said books, which I rescued is an old-school compendium of “the best” children’s illustrators. I haven’t read any of the text (who does, for a coffee table book?) but the artwork is gorgeous.

I freely confess to judging children’s books by their covers/ illustrations, and this is just further proof that that’s a great idea.


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odds and ends.

What are you all up to this weekend? I have to work, but I’m also looking forward to finishing The Spiral Staircase and doing some writing. Hope these links will see you off to a great start 🙂


Stunning paintings and prints by my dear friend Kait Stockwell at Larkspur and Laurel.

What I’m reading next. 

This movie looks devastating but so good (and this one was sneakily riveting, too.)

Classic gray couches for every budget (even mine!)

What I’m doing for my birthday. 

An amazing organization run by and for the homeless in NYC on issues of human rights, housing, police, and others.



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odds and ends.

Hello, lovely followers and lurkers! Here are 6 things that inspired me this week.

painting by Joan Miró: ‘Horse, Pipe and Red Flower,’ 1920; via brainpickings